Learn English With Trailers – Murder on the Orient Express (Kenneth Branagh)

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Based on the famous Agatha Christie novel – an expensive train trip through Europe turns into a murder investigation…



“You know, there is something about a tangle of strangers pressed together with nothing in common but the need to go from one place to another, and never see each other again. 


  • a tangle (noun) – a mess, a confusing mix.

E.g  “It was difficult to find anything in the tangle of things in the bottom of her handbag.”

Synonyms: a mess, a knot, a snarl.


  • in common (phrase) – something shared – something both people have.

E.g “One thing Clara and David had in common was that they both loved rap music.”

Synonyms: similarly, likewise, alike.


“You assume he was killed?”

  • to assume (verb) – to think something is true, without having any concrete evidence.

E.g – “Paula assumed that Frank would pay for the dinner, although they hadn’t discussed it.”

Synonyms: to suppose, to presume, to figure.

The Professor – Willem Defoe

The Butler – Derek Jacobi

The Count – Sergei Polunin

The Assistant – Josh Gad

The Governess (a nanny, paid to take care of children) – Daisy Ridley

The Missionary (someone who does religious work in a foreign country ) – Penelope Cruz

The Widow (a woman whose husband has died) – Michelle Pfeiffer

The Salesman – Johnny Depp

The Maid – Olivia Coleman

The Doctor – Leslie Odom jr.

The Princess – Judi Dench

“Somone was rummaging around my cabin in the middle of the night. No-one would listen to me!”


  • to rummage (verb) – to search for something in a random, chaotic way.

E.g – “Without turning his head away from the television, John rummaged in his pockets for his phone.”

Synonyms: to root around in, to dig through, to rifle through.

“The murderer is with us. And every one of you is a suspect.”


  • a suspect (noun) – a person who may possibly be a criminal.

E.g – “The police have arrested a suspect for the bank robbery.”

Synonyms: accused, defendant.

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Discussion Questions:

1.  Are you interested in seeing this film?

2. What were your favourite shots or images from the trailer?

3. Have you seen any other Agatha Christie films? What did you think of them?

4. What is your favourite mystery/ detective film?

5. Does the trailer remind you of any other films you have seen?



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